Noble Pearl《ノーブルパール》[ Clothing, Beauty ]

Beautiful and comfortable haute couture women's clothing

Noble Pearl《ノーブルパール》
addressGinza Fuji Building, 8-7-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku
closedFirst and third Saturdays, Sundays/national holidays
Open11am to 7pm
Noble Pearl《ノーブルパール》

Noble Pearl《ノーブルパール》 Information

Notice from Noble Pearl
While inexpensive and easy fashion to flood, we are making what can continue to wear as long as 10, 20 years sticking to the original one-point thing, something good quality, and good things comfortable to wear. Carefully selected fabrics, and design and tailoring that the body can cover beautifully, is just for you. Also can be a beautiful dress that will not come true in the off-the-shelf product, it is precisely because of haute couture. Warm atmosphere and full of warmth hospitality attracts a lot of fans.
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