Bar Iori《庵》[ Bar ]

Shochu(distilled spirits),Kappogi(Japanese traditional cook's apron) and large-plates Bar

Bar Iori《庵》
addressToya building B1F(Bar Iori),4F(annex) Ginza8-8-19
closedclosed Sundays and national holidays(Bar Iori:Saturdays,Sundays and national holidays)
Openopen Bar Iori:week days ‪5pm to 0am‬ annex:week days ‪9pm to 4am‬,Saturdays ‪6pm to 0am‬
Bar Iori《庵》

Bar Iori《庵》 Information

Awkward to go into a bar at Ginza,it's true but this bar is not.

'Okami-san'who is the landlady wearing 'Kappogi'(Japanese traditional cook's apron)

serves handmaded simple style large-plates in a bar,that you'll never find in Ginza.

With such an atmosphere, you'd better have Shochu(distilled spirits) than shining cocktails.

You feel you come back home and relax there.

When you want to drink until late at night, please come to annex at 4th floor and relax.
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