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2015 『Nohgaku Komparu Festival』

Straight line west of Ginza Street from Ginza 8-chome is called Komparu Street.


In Edo period, there was a mansion of Komparu style of Noh. The name was retained after Meiji period used in Komparu Street and the Komparu geisha. Also exists today in the name of Komparuyu.


Nohgaku Komparu Festival began under tie-up between Ginza Komparu Street Association and a public interest incorporated association, Komparu Enmai-kai, carrying on Edo culture in 1985 and will be the 31st year this year.

The programs that will be performed on Komparu Street on August 7th are all unique Noh of Nara Komparu representing ancient rites for thousand years. Songs are auspicious, praying and rejoicing for peace.

31st Nohgaku Komparu Festival Overview

Saturday, August 1st to Friday, August 7th 2015

*Noh dedication street performances – Friday, August 7th

*Noh classes – Saturday, August 1st to Thursday, August 6th

Children experience course will be held this year for the first time on August 1st and 2nd.

(A Noh photo exhibit will also be displayed at the same location.)



Noh dedication street performances – Ginza Komparu Street, in front of Three Eight Building

Noh classes – Tachikawa Blind basement hall, Space Atte

Noh Komparu style official website: http://homepage2.nifty.com/komparu/

*During the “Komparu Festival” period of August 1st to 7th, each shop on Komparu Street will welcome everyone with their special service. You will always be welcome here.

Ginza Komparu Festival Noh street dedication performance


On the last day of the Komparu Festival, Noh will be performed on Komparu Street.

The program will be comprised base with Komparu style that has been carried on since ancient times in the Nara area. Shishisanrai (Previous years are Yumiya no Tachiai) is performed only once in five years at the Kasuga Wakamiya Matsuri festival, and Enmeikaja and Chichinojo which are firewood Noh performances at Kofuku-ji Temple, and others.


Some people might be surprised to see the Noh performance on the street, but this style has a long and distinguished history. In a festival called Kasuga Wakamiya On Festival, Noh have been performed on the street (below the shrine gate) with low-cut shoes since long ago.

Noh performance schedule

Thursday, August 7th  6pm curtain

*Reserved seat tickets will be distributed on Komparu Street from 4pm. (one ticket per person)


Behind Hakuhinkan on Ginza 8-Chome Ginza Street  Komparu Street, in front of Three Eight Building, temporary otabisho



Mizue Mori

Noh shogunate administrator

Yoshihide Yada (Mayor of Chuo-ku)


*Enmeikaja – Sentaro Okura

*Chichinojo – Yasuaki Komparu

*Suzunodan – Kichijiro Okura

*Yumiya-tachiai – Norikazu Komparu, Shinobu Takahashi, Hodaka Komparu

*In case of rainy weather, Ibayashi style will be performed at the location. Seat tickets will be void.

Organizer: Ginza Komparu Street Association

Special Sponsor: Komparu Enmaikai (public corporation)

Sponsor: Ginza 8-Chome Block Association/ Ginza 15 Bangai

Auspice: Chuo-ku, Chuo-ku Board of Education


2015 31st Nohgaku Komparu Festival will be held. | Ginza Komparu Street Official Website